Album Notes:
skyblue72 exists in a world where melody meets vibe, where truth and beauty collide, where the beat hits and this is it; this is real. Consisting of a brother, a sister, and an honorary brother, skyblue72 offers driving and insidiously catchy rock/pop/and ya don't stop. Each member brings strength as a writer, performer, and showman (or showwoman?). sb72 wants to groove you, to move you, and to make you feel. And of course to rock out.

skyblue72 is a band of three. Davis on guitar and vox brings the rock and roots, Frank on the bass brings the groove, and Jessica on vox and drums brings the melody and form. Theirs is a chemistry undefinable, a magic so pure, brimming with light and energy and sheerly unmistakab-

Umm, it's a rock band.

The musical beginnings of Frank and Jess Zweback, brother and sister, rhythm section for skyblue72, started out innocently enough. Mr. Kaufman taught Frank how to play "The Pink Panther Theme" on the piano. For Jess it was "The Theme to Happy Days". Interestingly, neither one now owns a t.v. Their Uncle Ellis was a huge influence, sending audio cassettes to the Zwee's in Baltimore filled with African rhythms played on his homemade drums and asking, "Are ya dancing, yet, Jessie?".

Jessie was dancing.

From these first musical memories, the Zweback kids grew up in Baltimore soaking up all styles of music, and upon Frank's move to Houston, he established the damn groovy Zwee and the Graveberries, to the delight of that city's ears and booties. Frank's biggest musical influences include Curtis Mayfield, The Meters, Pharaoh Sanders, James Blood Ulmer, and Donny Hathaway. Later reconfigured and renamed simply Zwee, the 6 piece snagged the 2003 Houston Press Music Award for Best Funk Band.

Meanwhile, Jess (Houston Press Best Female Vocalist 2003) had been singing and playing keyboards along the Eastern Seaboard. She moved to Houston ostensibly to start a career as a social worker in the Third Ward, but mostly just to jam with her brother and enjoy warmer winters. Jessica's major influences include The Police, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and of course Tori Amos (Goddess Incarnate to aspiring woman writers of the 90's). Playing with Zwee, keys first, some percussion, and then just singing, Jess decided she what she really wanted was to play the drums. A lifelong dream coming to fruition! No longer would Jess be afraid of all of that gear! Or of sweating too much on stage! Jess took to the drums like a dog to those chewy things...tasty!

Three words changed the course of fate for Davis Jumper:

Jimi Plays Monterey.

Growing up in rural Pickton, TX, Davis frolicked in the great outdoors, but thanks to the modern miracle of satellite technology, was able to tune into everything from Canadian music television to Samurai movies from the 50's. With the nearest record store existing about two hours away in Dallas, Davis mail ordered to his heart's delight. This brought the strapping young lad lots of loud punk and metal perfect for pissing off adults. Simultaneously, Davis sunk his teeth into The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ornette Coleman, Otis Redding, Dylan; Davis even studied classical guitar (that's how he can maneuver all of those crazy riffs, along with of course the diligent Hendrix studies).

Upon moving to Austin, Davis was received smashingly into the music scene. Garnering acclaim as both a solo singer/songwriter, as well as with his groovy band, Pakalolo, Davis honed his performing and writing chops. After meeting up in Houston, Davis played bass with Frank in Zwee, forging a lasting friendship , musical connection, and comedic duo. Or something like that.

(Foreshadowing music. Go to sunny Texas porch in the late springtime. Young blond man with acoustic guitar. Young brunette woman holding a gold-colored journal and pen. On the cover of the journal is printed the Chinese symbol for imagination. Fade to night. Music wafts from the porch.)

Davis Jumper and Jessica Zweback started writing together one afternoon, and skyblue72 was born shortly thereafter. Enlisting Frank Zweback (a.k.a. "The Brother") to play bass, these three played their first gig together at the illustrious Home Plate in Houston, summer 2003. Rock rock on!

A truly fortuitous turn of events and introduction by a good friend (thanks April) led the trio to Robbie Parrish, producer and world renowned drum stylist. By the grace of God, Robbie agreed to produce the band's debut CD, forthcoming. A dedicated and tireless champion of Houston music and musicians, Robbie has helped the band focus and hone their style.

We hope you have enjoyed this foray into all that is skyblue72. Or at least a little that is. Or something.

Rock rock on!


Album Notes:
skyblue72 consists of jessica zweback on drums and vocals, davis jumper on guitar and vocals, and frank zweback on the bass. jessica and frank are brother and sister. davis is an honorary brother. brothers and sisters in arms, the band travels fearlessly along an uncharted road of rock, soul, and emotional fortitude. the gravelly road ahead reveals ever-evolving musical exploration. strap yer boots on.

skyblue72 hails from houston, tx. jessica won the houston press music award for best female vocalist in 2003. she was singing with frank's funk/rock project zwee at the time. zwee won the best funk band award from the press that year. nice. that year skyblue72 was born. davis and jessica started writing their own songs together, and frank switched from guitar/frontman to bass/jumping all over the right side of the stage man. jess writes music mostly on piano, sometimes on guitar, and then switches to drums for the full on rock assault. davis writes lots of stuff on the guitar; frank adds punchy grooves and transitions.

skyblue72's full length debut, produced by Robbie Parrish, gives a taste of the band's earthy, honest sound. Feet on the dusty road, eyes on the cloudless horizon; feel skyblue72.

Feel My Way Home:

Album Notes
Energetic. Soulful. Unforgettable. That is the evolution of Houston-based skyblue72 ( The band, comprised of siblings Jessica (vocals, drums) & Frank Zweback (bass, vocals) and honorary sibling Davis Jumper (guitar, vocals), has been making a name for itself in the regional music scene for more than 5 years. With earth-shattering grooves, soulful siren's songs and searing guitar work, skyblue72 has carved out a niche in the annals of rock and commands a presence from audiences across Texas.

skyblue72 started from simple Texas beginnings with Jessica and Davis writing songs together on the front porch. Upon hearing some of the music, Frank suggested the trio take things from the front porch and to the masses. Jessica had already established a reputation in the local music scene for her dynamic live performances with her powerful voice. The trio, each well-versed musicians who play variety of instruments, quickly established themselves in the local scene with their heart felt lyrics and in-your-face rhythms & harmonies. In addition, skyblue72 stood apart as Jessica assumed the dual role as drummer and vocalist.

Throw in punchy grooves and transitions from Frank's bass and Davis' explosive guitar leads and haunting vocal harmonies, and the combination proves a powerful music experience.

The band also crafted an unforgettable live show that successfully converted audiences into die hard fans. Their reputation lead to performances alongside likes of Bob Schneider, Vallejo, Particle, and Patrice Pike.

skyblue72 isn't afraid to tread into new musical territory. Their highly anticipated record, Feel My Way Home, will be released in August 2007. The band aims to infuse audiences with their own mix of funk, soul, rock, and even a little metal. The end result will undoubtedly have a significant impact on audiences across the country.